How to Choose the Right Sportswear

To make sports enjoyable, it is important not only to perform exercises correctly, but also to choose the right clothes. Special clothes for fitness will set the right mood and make intensive training comfortable and safe. And we will tell you what to consider when choosing sportswear.

How to choose clothes for the type of sport

Sports equipment should be chosen, focusing on the movements during training. It is important to choose a quality material, the right cut and size. Let’s break it all down in order.

Clothing for power sports

Power sport is weightlifting, crossfit, strength training in the gym, powerlifting and other types of intense physical exertion. To help your body withstand such stress, help it with compression garments – clothes that create a certain therapeutic pressure on the muscles, because they are sewn from elastic, tight-fitting fabrics. You can find compression shorts, breeches, tights, socks, socks, gaiters, socks and T-shirts in sports stores.

What compression clothing is useful for:

  • Supports muscles during exercise.
  • Reduces muscle soreness after exercise, helps muscles recover.
  • Provides even compression, so that blood vessels can withstand significant stress.

But do not abuse compression products – so your vessels will quickly lose tone. Alternate with looser-fitting clothes.

Clothing for cardio training and aerobics

It’s easy to guess which sportswear to choose for dancing and running, cycling and skiing – stretchy, lightweight and breathable. Because it’s comfortable, doesn’t restrict your movements and looks great on you.

Fitness clothes are usually made of double-layer fabrics. Such products dry well in the air, and they are not hot at all. Sweat is drained to the surface and evaporates quickly. Popular materials are combinations of cotton with polyester and polyester with elastane. All because on the surface of polyester fibers retain fewer droplets of sweat than on the surface of cotton. Thus, polyester clothing dries faster and you will not catch cold after an intense workout. And elastane provides good breathability, resistance to dirt and fading.

Women to maintain the tone of pectoral muscles should wear a dense sports top made of meril, polyamide, elastane. It fixes the chest well, which is especially important for sportswomen with lush forms. A properly selected top – usually a bra with a stretchy waistband and extended straps – supports the breasts well when jumping and running, reduces the amplitude of its movements by 70%.

Clothing for stretching

For Pilates and yoga you need things that will not interfere with concentration and relaxation. Ideal options: not too spacious jersey pants, leggings, tight-fitting T-shirts.

For yoga, choose products made of cotton and linen. Pilates helps to actively burn excess fat, so training is accompanied by strong sweating – cotton and synthetic materials are suitable for it. Cotton fibers absorb moisture, creating a feeling of comfort, and synthetic – make the shape comfortable and elastic.
How to choose sportswear by season

Today, sports complexes give you the opportunity to skate and even ski in the summer, and in the winter – jogging or cycling in indoor facilities.