Innovations in Sports Accessories

Wearable electronics: Today, many athletes use devices to track their performance during training. Some sportswear manufacturers integrate these devices directly into the clothing, which reduces the number of accessories needed and improves usability.

Smart glasses are still quite expensive for amateurs, but they are already actively used in professional sports. For example, the Recon Jet model is equipped with a microprocessor, HD cameras, wireless interfaces, built-in memory and other “contrivances”. Very convenient for running, fitness, cycling.

And for professional skiers and snowboarders, masks with two cameras are offered. One monitors the downhill route and the other monitors the athlete’s eye. Smart electronics quickly assesses where the athlete looks, what distracts him, and warns in time about possible abnormal situations.

A good alternative to a heart rate monitor and sports watch can be sports headphones UA-JBL from UnderArmour. They measure heart rate during training and report the data online to the athlete.