What to Buy for Current Sporty Looks?

Sporty style is becoming more relevant every day. This can be explained by the fact that individual closet items can fit into classic or casual looks. In addition, the relevance is caused by the fashion for fitness and healthy lifestyle among the modern generation, and after the pandemic and in general, the main trends have become comfort, minimalism and functionality.

When choosing a base in sports style, I recommend you to pay attention to joggers, t-shirts, leggings, tops and hoodies.

The right joggers

Joggers in the sports closet are the analog of jeans. That is, a universal closet item that is suitable for all occasions. It will not be difficult to put together a stylish image with joggers.

This season fashion is going into oversize again, so when shopping, you can safely take larger sizes.

Joggers will serve as extra motivation to take a walk on a chilly morning or go for a jog. Plus, you can always take them on a long trip or for sitting on the veranda.


This spring, crop tops will be the main trend of the season (models with mini prints will be especially relevant). If earlier they were more often used in sports style, then during the past year you could notice them in the images of fashion-bloggers.

Cropped tops can be combined with voluminous jackets, men’s jackets, low-slung jeans in the spirit of the noughties, and shorts. This stylish trend even has its own name – biz-leisure.

Its essence is the combination of sporty things with classic closet elements, which helps to create a comfortable and stylish image suitable for different events.

Tight T-shirt

No sports capsule can do without a T-shirt. Designers call it as much a pillar of the basic closet as the little black dress. Because of the over-size trend, we recommend buying loose t-shirts for relaxed and comfortable outfits.

If you do yoga, stretching or fitness, such a thing will come in handy for classes as well. And for spring outings, the stylist recommends wearing a T-shirt under a strappy dress. It should turn out to be an airy layered image.

Dense T-shirt and monochrome leggings – a classic of sports style. They can be used in the closet, based on the example of girls from California.


You probably won’t even have to buy this closet item, because almost every sports fan has leggings. Black leggings are as basic as tops, bras, and t-shirts. They are suitable not only for fitness, but also for everyday looks with a voluminous university sweatshirt and dad-sneakers.

We recommend choosing monochrome models in neutral shades to expand the options for combinations. If you will use them for training, it is better to buy leggings with a high waist. This will ensure a comfortable fit during active movements.


In the sports capsule must necessarily be a sweatshirt or hoodie. It can be worn, not only to get to the gym in cool weather or to complete the daily norm of steps in the evening. If you need to feel comfortable at an important meeting, you can wear a bulky jacket over the hoodie.

When choosing an actual model, look for an oversize version with a minimalist design to feel comfortable without sacrificing style.

Hoodie can be taken at once together with joggers in the same shade, so that in the arsenal there was also a suit. If you use the hoodie as an independent element of your closet, then jeans, a trench coat or jacket, wide classic pants or loafers are great options for combination in everyday life.